[WATCH] As Thousands Evacuated As Fire Destroys Music Festival

Last night a small fire at a music festival quickly spread throughout the venue forcing the 20,000 attendees to be evacuated by police and firefighters. City officials said there were no injuries reported among the more 20,000 concert goers or the estimated 2,000 vendors and service personnel at the scene.

Media images show towering flames as they consume a large outdoor stage at the “Tomorrowland” electronic music festival held at Barcelona’s Parc de Can Zam. Twelve firefighting units needed about an hour to extinguish the flames just before midnight. Firefighters said they were investigating the cause. The Tomorrowland website published a statement saying the “stage caught fire due to a technical malfunction.”

The festival in Barcelona was one of several offshoots of a main “Tomorrowland” festival in Belgium. While Barcelona firefighters said there were no serious injuries during the evacuation, the event’s private security treated 20 people for minor injuries or anxiety. Video images show the fire starting at the top of a tall temporary structure erected onstage where a large screen showed a performer singing. The towering flames quickly spread until they engulfed the entire stage.

In a statement, regional authorities said the fire “completely destroyed the stage” and that its charred remains “run the risk of collapsing.”




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