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I have something in common with Katie Perry.  You see, I too have kissed a girl and I liked it.  That’s where the similarities end.  I don’t look good in bikini even though I would bulge out of one, too.  Not the good kind like Katy’s though.  She was recently pictured getting cosy with a …

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For those of you who have wondered for years if Katy Perry is a freaking moron, the answer is undoubtedly yes.  She was on the radio for a podcast and although she did acknowledge that the suicide bombing was a bad thing, her plan for ending terrorism is akin to someone trying to put out …

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It’s Inauguration Day, and if you’re a celebrity, it’s also the end of the world. This morning celebrities were so distressed that President-elect Donald Trump was going to become president in a matter of hours that they took to Twitter to lament. Singer Katy Perry will be speaking at the Women’s March Saturday to protest Trump. …

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Donald Trump is about to become the 45th president of the United States, but his transition team has reportedly been turned down by a bevy of celebrities who refuse to perform at his inauguration.