OMG! Counter Terrorism Police Had To Be Brought In To Protect BUTCHERS From VIOLENT, Militant Vegans!

The late George Carlin once said in one of his HBO specials back in the day when it came to drug addicts and alcoholics that he didn’t care about what people did to themselves as long as they were not making life difficult for anyone else.

If someone doesn’t like chocolate ice cream for example, I am certainly not going to be one to come to their house at three in the morning and yell at them about it. Or if they like imported beer and I don’t drink period. If you’re not hurting anyone else, it’s all on you.

Also, the idea that because some people have their ideas they think that they should be everyone’s ideas and try to hoist them upon everyone else.

I wouldn’t be a vegetarian or a vegan for all the money in the world, bacon is just too damn delicious. That being said, I understand why some people do it and I personally have no problem with it. What I do have the problem with is when people begin to get preachy about something just a little too much like a dietary decision.


Also, if you don’t like eating something don’t eat it but don’t tell someone else they can’t eat it. When President Bush told the country he didn’t like broccoli so many years ago, he didn’t go to a broccoli farm and set all of the barns on fire. He just didn’t eat it.

However, several decades and multiple cases of over entitlement later we have reached a point in the world where there are people that think that if they don’t like it that nobody should have it.

Via Breitbart:

British counter-terror police have been engaged in protecting meat industry workers as action by vegan activists has become move violent.

Workers at abattoirs, farms, and meat-producing factories have been under increasing threat by far-left animal rights campaigners, with the British Poultry Council and the National Pig Association being just two of the bodies seeking support from the counter-terrorism force, reports the Mail on Sunday.

In one historic case reported by Channel 4 Dispatches, militant vegan group SAVE attacked a Jewish kosher abattoir in east London two years ago, breaking into the building and scrawling anti-Semitic slogans on the wall, with one protester yelling, “It’s a holocaust. You Nazis!”

The report of meat producers engaging counter-terror police comes after Waitrose Foodmagazine editor William Sitwell was forced to resign over a joke about vegans, and found himself subjected to vitriol and threats of violence against him and his family.

Mr Sitwell told the Mail on Sunday, “There were threats to rape my wife, tie her up, and cut off her genitals.”

Organised vegan activists have been calling for their lifestyle to be given the same “protected characteristic” status as race, religion, sexuality, gender, and disability, under discrimination laws, which would make it a criminal offence to mock or discriminate against vegans.

The calls followed the case of Jordi Casamitjana in early December, who took his discrimination claim to the High Court after alleging that his firing from the League Against Cruel Sports was due to discrimination against his lifestyle.