NETFLIX Is Boycotting North Carolina….YES, THE WHOLE STATE!

Let me tell you all something about Netflix…

I haven’t had Netflix in a long time. It hasn’t been about any one decision they have made as a company but its been mostly about several different ones.

Also, my decision to cut the wire as far as Netflix goes came about the fact that I realized that there are so many different ways to watch all my favorite shows that I haven’t really watched it all that much in the past year so six months ago I cancelled my Netflix sub.

Also, I have a phone with a pretty big hard drive on it and once my wife showed me how to add my favorite movies and Tv shows to my phone it was all over. That and I don’t have to worry about whether or not if I have an internet connection if I want to watch something.


You can’t really use Netflix on an airplane…

Via Daily Wire:

Due to North Carolina’s wholly rational and scientific law stipulating that men and women can only use restrooms corresponding to their biological sex, the streaming platform Netflix has opted to boycott the state.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming platform’s upcoming coming-of-age drama “OBX” will now be filmed in South Carolina instead of North Carolina (where the story is set) because of House Bill 2, which required transgenders to use bathrooms according to their sex assigned at birth. Hollywood celebrities have been wailing and gnashing their teeth at the law since it passed in 2016. Some studios have already pulled projects out of the state.

Though parts of HB2 have been repealed, LGBTQ activists take issue with certain provisions within the replacement law.

“Despite the fact that North Carolina repealed a section of the law in 2017 following a year of backlash, it didn’t completely overturn HB2,” reports THR. “One problematic piece of the replacement bill, per insiders, is a clause that forbids municipalities from enacting non-discrimination ordinances for any group not included in state law — including LGBTQ people — until 2020.”

Inside sources told THR that other factors were at play in Netflix’s decision to essentially boycott North Carolina, though they remain unknown. Guy Gaster, director of North Carolina’s film office, did not elaborate further when asked by reporters.