McDonald’s Admits Dirty Little Secret About Paper Straws That Has Liberals Melting Down

Over the past couple years, the environmental brigade has gone mad with their demands that companies and people ban plastic straws. Many companies latched onto this idea, declaring that they would no longer offer plastic straws in their establishments. One of those companies was the McDonalds Corporation, who swapped their plastic straws in the UK last year to be “greener”. However, the company has made a shocking revelation concerning the so-called “greener” paper straws.

The burger giant, has revealed that these straws cannot be recycled at all.

How is that for irony?

The Telegraph reports:

An internal memo has revealed that the paper straws must be put in general waste bins and then burned.

“When McDonald’s introduced paper straws it was getting pats on the back for being environmentally responsible,” an insider told The Sun.

They added: “But it seems like it was a stunt to appease green campaigners because the things go straight in the rubbish. It’s ridiculously stupid.”

The paper straws have come under fire from customers who said that they make it hard to drink milkshakes.

Before the change, McDonald’s had previously admitting to using 1.8million plastic straws in its UK restaurant each day.

They said its plastic straws were “100 per cent recyclable” but changed to paper because “more can be done”.


Reaction to this “mess” was instant and on point:

What do you think of this?


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