Lizzy Warren Sickeningly Compares People Finding Her To Be A LIAR To Yet Another Liberal Nonsense Story…

Elizabeth Warren likes to think that she has been through some kind of struggle when at the end of the day it’s something that she did to herself.

For what seems like years now she was going on and on about her Native American heritage, which if it were a real thing, is something that she should have rightfully been proud of.

The problem is, that heritage is about as false as two plus two equaling seven. She’s full of beans and everyone knows it.

If someone is telling the truth and is put through the wringer about it, then later is proven to be telling the truth that person has every right in the world to crow about how hard of an ordeal it was. Anyone that was wrongly convicted of a crime would attest to that.

However when you have someone who has made a career and a lifestyle out of being a liar they have no right in any way you can think of to talk about how hard it was.

Via Daily Caller:

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s website for her presidential exploratory committee attempts to link questions about her claims of Native American heritage to people who questioned whether former President Barack Obama was born in the United States.

Warren launched the committee Monday, including a website with a “fact squad” meant to push back against criticisms of the senator.

Warren’s website blames “the right-wing machine” for scrutiny of her heritage claims.

“They have called Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ and used racist depictions of Native American history, culture, and people to make Elizabeth the butt of a joke,” the website states.

“These actions not only dishonor Native people and their many contributions to this country, but perpetuate harmful stereotypes that Native communities continue to fight against.”

“Show us your papers. Release your birth certificate. It’s all part of the right’s disgusting effort to use race-baiting and fear-mongering to distract our country and divide our people while they rig the system for the rich and powerful,” Warren’s site claims.

It also displays a photoshopped image of Obama behind Warren that reads: “Don’t worry Liz, I think we fooled them.”