Hillary Clinton Gives Bizarre Answer When Asked if She Will Run For President in 2020 [VIDEO]

Crooked Hillary Clinton a few day ago was asked if she was going to run for president…again during an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin at the New York Times’ “DealBook” conference.

Rather than giving a straight answer, Hillary played coy and gave a bizarre answer — she thinks she is funny, but she isn’t.

“What would it take you to run?” Andrew Ross Sorkin asked Hillary.

“I’m sorry? To run? You know, I’ve always been a very, very slow runner and um I’m embarrassingly slow — I’ve tried to run races and I’m so far behind that I start to walk, acting like that’s what the plan was all the time so I don’t know that I’m going to take up competitive running right now…but I think you’re asking about something else,” Hillary said.

“Well there’s been some teasing and some hinting that maybe you’re sitting in the wings here waiting for some moment,” Sorkin said.

Hillary Clinton went on to whine about the 2016 election and claimed she would have made a great president.


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