Bernie Sanders FLOORED By Obama Official Confession….2020 Chances Up In FLAMES!

It honestly seems that every Democrat over the age of 35 has announced in the past couple of months that they are running for President.

One of hte people that has thrown their hat into what is becoming a massive ring is the Democratic runner up for nomination last time around, Bernie Sanders.

Now, Bernie being President would be an absolute nightmare as anyone would understand the definition of that word. However, we will grant him the fact that he got scammed by the Hillary camp the last time around. That being said there are so many reasons why Sanders would be a bad idea that even people on the Obama side of things think it would be a horrible idea…

Obama’s own campaign manager just sent Bernie’s campaign reeling…

Bernie Sanders is probably Trump’s top competition for 2020. But he’s in big trouble now.

Biden is too moderate for today’s Left, and most of the other candidates have already torpedoed their chances.

And believe it or not, polls say Sanders could give Trump a run for his money, and raised over $20 million in his first quarter of fundraising.

Not too bad against Trump’s $30 million.

It looked like the new frontrunner had a chance – but then Obama’s former campaign manager Jim Messina flattened him. From The Daily Wire:

“This prompted [Jonathan] Karl to ask: ‘Can Bernie Sanders beat Donald Trump?’

Messina swiftly replied: ‘No.’

Can you get any clearer than that? N. O. No chance. Zilch.

But why? Messina admitted that Sanders is “one of the final two or three” Democratic candidates for 2020, and his numbers are strong.

So why does Obama’s buddy think Sanders has ZERO shot?

He explains:

“The winner of the economic argument in the last five presidential elections with swing voters has won the presidency.

And I think, today … Bernie Sanders is unlikely going to be able to stand up to the constant barrage that is Donald Trump on economic issues like that.”

That’s right! What current candidate could challenge Trump on our economy?


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