American Airlines In TROUBLE For Removing A Whole Family For OBNOXIOUS BODY ODOR!

Personally, I have flown a lot. Most recently for business purposes and a lot when I was in the military when I would go home on leave.

You would see some very interesting things in airports and on flights in general, but every so often you get given a special moment that you can always talk about at parties when the subject of air travel comes up.

I was in the Detroit airport many years ago going back to my duty station after a two week leave period. I stopped at one of those mid concourse cafe type things and ordered a cup of coffee. It was about quarter after eight in the morning and the airport had just started serving alcohol.

I am sitting there with my coffee and this guy starts walking down the concourse and stopping at each of these little bar/cafe things that are about a hundred feet or so away from each other. Each cashier looked like they had begun to phone the one that was next in line. Finally the guy gets to our little bar and he tries ordering a beer. He had apparently gotten so drunk in the hour that the airport had started serving alcohol that all the bars had to cut him off. At eight in the morning. God only knows where he was flying to.


Now, whenever I would fly I would always try to shower as close to the time that I would have to leave the airport. Basic deodorant after, no cologne or aftershave because I  know that at some point there is going to be someone that is going to be stuck sitting next to me in a giant tube for several hours. It’s common courtesy.

Via Western Journal:

American Airlines kicked a family from Michigan off a flight Wednesday after passengers and crew members complained that the family smelled bad — but the husband and father is claiming he was discriminated against because the family is Jewish.

Yossi Adler and his wife, Jennie, along with their 19-month-old daughter were flying from Miami to Detroit Wednesday night and had boarded the flight with every intention of making the trip as planned, NBC News reported Thursday.

Adler believes the airline discriminated against them for being Jewish.

“There’s a religious reason for some reason that they’re kicking me off the plane. We don’t have odor, OK? Nobody here has odor,” Adler said, according to NBC.

Passengers complained, however, that the family emitted a strong unpleasant odor, according to the airline.

Crew members also noticed and complained of the smell, the airline maintains, according to NBC.

“The Adler family were asked to deplane last night after several passengers, along with our crew members, complained about their body odor,” American Airlines said in a statement, according to NBC.

“The family were provided hotel accommodations and meals, and re-booked on a flight to Detroit today.”

Adler insists he and his wife bathe every day and that they do not smell bad.