A Woman In A Vegetative State Went Into LABOR And They Knew EXACTLY Who To Blame…

One of the worst crimes that someone can commit is any crime against someone that cannot defend themselves.

It’s one thing to go one on one with someone so to speak where they can have a puncher’s chance of getting out of the situation, it’s another entirely when they had no way of defending themselves.

You hear about things like this in some care facilities where standards and security are so low that you have the caregivers taking advantage of the residents or patients.

That’s why one of the things that I would be the most scared of is if I ended up in a coma is someone trying to do something to me because if I was just hospitalized I would be able to at least defend myself.


There are some truly sick people out there.

Via AWM:

A suspect has been arrested in the case of a woman in a vegetative state at a health care facility who gave birth. In a press conference this week, Sgt. Tommy Thompson named Nathan Sutherland, a nurse at Hacienda HealthCare, as an official suspect. The nurse was arrested for the sexual assault of the woman at the long-term health care facility.

The woman stunned the caregivers and her family when she gave birth to a baby boy. No one was aware that the woman, who has been incapacitated since she was three-years-old, was pregnant. She gave birth to a baby boy on December 29.

Police officers responded to a 911 call about a baby that had been delivered and was in distress at Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix, Arizona. Police were then in search for the child’s father, as it was clear the baby was conceived without consent.

Thompson noted that Sutherland, who was a licensed practical nurse at the facility since 2011, was arrested when the court-ordered DNA sample he provided matched the baby’s. Sutherland faces one count of abusing a vulnerable adult and one count of sexual assault.

KTAR News reports that all of the facility’s male employees were required to provide mandatory swabs for DNA testing.

John Micheaels, the victim’s family’s lawyer, clarified that the victim has “significant intellectual disabilities” and cannot speak, but does have some mobility in her limbs, head, and neck and can respond to sound and make facial gestures.

The last physical the victim received was in April 2019, around the time she would have gotten pregnant. Police confirmed that Sutherland was taking care of the victim around the time she was assaulted.